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The institute-company-university triangle in Slovenia who is connected, and how?

author Companies naturally continue to seek graduates with high quality education. However, demand is continually growing, particularly if we want to establish a form of organisation that would make Slovenia a highly developed country in all senses. In this context, we rapidly encounter a colourful world of all sorts of connections and cooperation required to ensure continual progress. Of interest here are individual trends, for instance in narrower fields, as we rapidly get bogged down in an excessively extensive encyclopedic enumeration. In this issue, we have limited ourselves to increasing the intensity of cooperation among institutes, companies and universities. Centres of excellence have been established, followed by competence centres. They are carefully described in this issue of Quark. It is probably wise to remain moderately cautiously optimistic in assessing their importance. These newly established links will not be very important for all participants, as some companies, particularly large companies, already have long-established cooperation with universities and institutes. The number not in, or not yet established in such centres, is too large to neglect when discussing the importance of the centres. But taken as a whole, it shows that the intensity and quality of cooperation in Slovenia in the institute-company-university triangle has increased, at least in recent years. There are still dark clouds on the horizon, but we hope they will bypass Slovenia.

The establishment of Centres of Excellence and Competence Centres in Slovenia is supported by EU funds.

Boris Čerin, Editor of Quark

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