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The New Marine Biology Station

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Hevreka! 2006
Paving the Way to a Technological Tomorrow
The second annual event on the Development Strength of Slovenia took place in Ljubljana in late October

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The Priority of Systematically Organised Cooperation in Research

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Ervin B. Podgoršak, Recipient of the Coolidge Award from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine


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Forty Years of the TRIGA Reactor at
J. Stefan Institute


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Jožef Stefan Institute
Fusion Research in Slovenia
The Announcement of the
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)

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20Years of the Science Supplement in the Newspaper DELO
Credibility is the Key for Us

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Where Is the Dividing Line Between the Local and the Global in Science and Ethics?

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Coming Together in Group Projects of All Sizes

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Is Slovenia One of Those Countries with Stronger Levels of
Investment in Knowledge-Based Development?

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Dr Jadran Lenarčič, director of the Jožef Stefan Institute
“There has never been the kind of mood here that you can sense now”

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Conservation and Management of Wetlands in Slovenia

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Conserving the otter population in the Goričko area
OncePersecuted, Now Threatened

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Development of the education System in the Slovenian Army
What Sort of Soldiers Does Slovenia Send on Peacekeeping Missions Around the World?

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Development of Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services, Limited
Taking Care of People and Their Safety

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Internationally Harmonized and Reliable Measurements:
Inevitabilities for the Sustainable Development and International Competitiveness of a Modern State

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To Promote and Foster Public-Private Partnerships

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Science and Education Foundation

The Vision of Knowledge

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Transcatheter Treatment of Congenital Heart Defects Using Amplatzer Devices

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Characterisation of Lyme Borreliosis Spirochetes

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Research in the Field of Environmental
Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica


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INSECTS: From Behaviour to Physiology and Biodiversity

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Laboratory for Inorganic Chemistry and Technology, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana
Inorganic Materials
Research and Application

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Overlays on Bridge Decks Made FromHigh-performance Fibre-Reinforced Con crete

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Modern modelling and prototyping at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana
Recording at a Speed of up to 30,000 Points a Second

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VITEL 2006

International Symposium on Telecommunications CONTENT AND NETWORKING                                                         

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Hybrid MEMS
Research & Development for Industry166

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Fibre Optic Sensors:
State-of-the-Art Technology Becomes an Emerging Industrial Reality

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Fotona: Producing the Highest Performance Laser Systems for Over Forty Years

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Challenges Facing the Information Society,
the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry, and Iskratel
Connecting Slovenian companies, institutions, faculties and other organizations in the field of information and communication technologies

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Connecting Slovenian companies, institutions, faculties and other organizations in the field of information and communication technologies

ICT Technology Network
Establishing High-Tech Innovation

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IBM Transfers Best Business Practices to Slovenian Industry

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The automated interoperability of different partner’s information systems is no longer science fiction. A service-oriented architecture enables companies to execute their internal and external business processes without human intervention.
Electronic Commerce

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